Banish the taint!

Cork taint that is.  That’s the plan of a group of students from the UC Davis Graduate School of Management, who were the winning team at this years “Big Bang” business plan competition. I attended and was a mentor for one of the teams in the competition (they didn’t make it to the finals – read into that what you will).  The Bee has a full write-up which includes this quote from the CEO of the winning team:

“Regardless of how that contest goes, Keller said, the design already has attracted the kind of attention that would make any young entrepreneur giddy.

“Last night, a guy from Gallo handed me a card and said, ‘When you’re ready to start up, give me a call,’ ” he said.

And here’s the PR lesson, don’t talk about prospective deals in the media. It will bite you. Somehow, someday, it will bite you.

Congratulations to all the teams. The ideas were amazing and the presentations much better than many I see from companies much further along.


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