Restaurants, Riordan? Why here?

Here’s a link to an article from today’s LA Times about Richard Riordan’s restaurants.  Why is an article about a former LA mayor linked to from here? Valid question.

It’s because the article includes one of the best friends I had at summer camp when I was growing up:

NO DETAIL is too small. At one point, he calls over Oak Room chef Douglas Silberberg — a talented cook who is a veteran of both Michael’s in Santa Monica and Water Grill downtown — and suggests cutting costs by trimming the bacon from some of the sandwiches.

Silberberg ponders the suggestion, then points out that there are only three sandwiches with bacon — a BLT, a pork sandwich and a hamburger.

“Well, I’m not sure you need the bacon with the hamburger,” Riordan says. “What do you think?”

“I do think [we need it],” Silberberg counters. “We get more compliments on our hamburger than almost anything else.”

Glad to see that Doug is doing well, and hanging out with the mayor as opposed to hanging things from flag poles. A little about the camp, Skylake.  It’s on Bass Lake near Yosemite.  I went there for a month every summer from when I was eight until I was 13. Amazing experience. It was the same camp that my mother went to, when she was young and it used to be at Lake Tahoe.  I went. My sister went. Five of my cousins went.


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