A lifetime of good work recognized – George Schaller receives Indianapolis Prize

George Schaller is receiving The Indianapolis Award and Lilly Medal, including an award of $100,000, one of the world’s most prestigious awards for wildlife conservation.

A little of what he has done, from the press release:

“Dr. Schaller turns 75 in May and shows no signs of slowing down. He has worked for months on the Tibetan Plateau at altitudes of 16,000 feet and more; traveled remote, war-torn areas of Afghanistan; and, in 2006, revisited the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the site of one of his early forays into the wild in 1956 and the start of his lifelong devotion to conservation.

Inspiring countless field biologists, notable in their own rights, Dr. Schaller has written more than 220 popular and scientific articles and 16 books, including The Serengeti Lion: A Study of Predator-Prey Relations, a National Book Award winner. He has also helped establish more than 15 wildlife reserves throughout the world.”

Why do I care? He’s the uncle of one of my oldest and best friends. So, take this news as your daily kick to go out and do something good. My little part is tonight I’m attending a fundraiser for a new local performing arts center.

I stumbled onto the news of his award, when I thought to check if he was in China during the recent earthquake as he has spent many years there working to save the Giant Pandas.


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