First person account of the earthquake in China from the Diigo dev team

Having grown up in California, I’ve lived through my fair share of earthquakes. None of them even close to what has recently hit China.  Diigo is based in Reno, NV but most of their dev team is in Chengdu, about 90 miles from the epicenter. Maggie Tsai, Diigo’s CEO was on a Skype call with the team when the earthquake hit. Below is a bit from the team.  Read the full story.

“As I run down the stairs from the 27th floor of the 33-story highrise, the building twisted and turned, bubbled up and down, for a few minutes which really felt like forever. The building was making those scary cracking sound, making me think that it will just fall any minute before I get out.”

The world is flat.  Natural disasters aren’t.


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