Strange branding choice for Coit

I’m listening to the radio this morning on my five minute drive to work and I heard a commercial for Coit Carpet Cleaning.  That in itself is not interesting.  The interesting point is that they tagged themselves, “The man in the shiny black van.”

Growing up I was taught to avoid the man in the van.   Apparently the folks at Coit aren’t familiar with ‘stranger danger.’

2 thoughts on “Strange branding choice for Coit

  1. This reminds me of the Chevy Nova (“no go” in Spanish) story and why it is important to have a diverse workforce that can serve as an informal focus group.

  2. Yes, good call, the Nova is a good example. This may go beyond diversity though and just being aware. I think these folks may be too close to their own brand. They think of vans as their office. As a parent, I think of vans as vehicles for weirdos.

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