Friday rant – odd taxes

I have no problem with paying taxes on things where I can see their value, but I can’t always see the value and quite often I think the specific taxes may have an negative effect.  Case in point. I have before me a “County of El Dorado Business Property Statement, 571-L.”

What is a 571-L you ask?  It’s a property tax form. My business is being taxed 1% of the value of all of the property we purchased in the past year.  Granted, we didn’t purchase a lot (other than a new MacBook and some office supplies) but we already paid sales tax on these items, why are having to pay again?

I love California. I love having my business based in California, but California sure isn’t friendly to the small business.  Hey LaPlante! Any clients for us over in Nevada so we can move our HQ over there?

Someone, please explain.


One thought on “Friday rant – odd taxes

  1. Absolutely! Nevada is booming. You’re not the only one (surprise surprise) that is moving to Nevada to escape the People’s Republic of Kalifornia and the Washington Commune. Microsoft. Intuit. Oracle. Cisco. To name a few 😉

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