Hey! I know all these people! Diigo & Twelve Horses

This is cool. It’s like a world’s colliding kind of thing. This is an interview that Dave LaPlante of Twelve Horses did with the folks from Diigo. I’ve written about Diigo before. Dave describes Diigo as “de.licio.us on steroids.” I’m on board with that. When I talked with Diigo before the term I came up with was ‘social noteworking.’


2 thoughts on “Hey! I know all these people! Diigo & Twelve Horses

  1. Josh! Funny running in to you out here toobing the Interwebs! Small world. Thanks for the props!

    The Diigo crew are awesome. Maggie and Wade are solid. I dropped del.icio.us when Diigo came out with about the same emotional reticence of dropping an empty Red Bull can into the recycle bin. It was good while it lasted.

    Love ‘social noteworking’. You’re good with words, aren’t you!

    Come visit us up in Reno. It’s about to get really hot and humid where you’re at!

  2. I should be up there soon. Definitely going to be in Tahoe for awhile in June and September.

    The cool thing with Diigo is that educators are finding it on their own and figuring out how to incorporate into classes. One of my other clients was at an edubloggercon last month and a teacher was giving a seminar on Diigo.

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