Thank you Mr. Ritchie

Marin Catholic’s, my alma mater, principal is retiring after 37 years at the school.  He’s not riding off into the sunset, he’s going to be spending his time fighting pancreatic cancer. That is after he runs in the Dipsea.

Read about Mr. Ritchie here.

He’s the kind of educator that every school needs, he gets things done, he cares about the kids and he makes learning fun.  I wish there was a video somewhere of his Dr. Digesto character.

To give an example of what kind of guy he is, when asked if they may name a building after him, he replies:

“I’m not big on buildings. I really hope they don’t name anything after me,” Ritchie said.

“Maybe a doorway somewhere, that’s it.”


Mad Men Coming Back July 27th!

One of my favorite shows over the past few years has been Mad Men on AMC. The show follows Don Draper, creative director at ad agency Sterling Cooper in 1960 New York.

Been waiting on hearing a date on when it’s coming back and according to The Watcher, it’ll be on July 27th, that’s a Sunday.

I’ve written about Mad Men several times in the past. Until the new season starts, here’s a little example of why I like this show. Below is a clip from a client pitch in the season finale.

Public Information Officer in California? Come talk with me!

I’m going to be talking with the California State Information Officers Council on 6/12/08. More info is here. If you’re a member please come on by!

The topic is social media and this is the invitation they sent out on email:

“Social Marketing U”

Blogs. Podcasts. Social Networks. Wikis.

Traditional media is shrinking and social media is expanding. Come and be
amazed at the myriad ways you can market in our crazy new world as Josh
Morgan shares his knowledge and experience with us. Visit Josh’s website
at <;

Sac Bee Writes About New California 100

We’re working with Golden Capital on many projects, one of which is the New California 100 conference next month at the Mondavi Center at UC Davis. The goal of the conference is to bring together the leaders of the top 100 companies California’s Great Central Valley to talk about business, and get them working together.

Here’s a little bit from the Bee about the conference:

Conference honors 100 Valley companies

By Dale Kasler –

Published 1:51 pm PDT Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One hundred of the Central Valley’s leading companies will be honored at an economic development conference June 17 at the University of California, Davis.

The event, billed as the inaugural “New California 100” conference, will be at the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts. It’s sponsored by the university; the Great Valley Center, a Modesto think tank; the Golden Capital Network, a Chico group that links entrepreneurs with financiers; and Hamilton Lane, a global private-equity firm.

The 100 companies were chosen according to their business, civic and charitable contributions to the Central Valley. At the conference, they will be honored by the Governor’s Commission for Jobs and Economic Growth.

Information about the conference, and a list of the 100 companies, can be found at

FYI – Let me know if you want to attend. I have a $50 discount good until a week from Friday. Also, if you are in the media or write a blog about business in the area, let me know and registration is comped.

No, they’re not all home runs, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it

At Morgan/Dorado we work with quite a few early stage companies.  The rewards of helping out a very early stage company can be great, but so can the risks. They don’t all make it.

Last fall we worked a bit on a project to help produce free classes in Borders Book Stores. This was a pilot project that ran in the Sacramento area.  Yesterday’s Bee had the news that Borders has chosen to not continue the program. It’s an interesting program and may yet work for other retail chains:

No best-seller: Retailer Borders Books is ending its pilot program that turned parts of three local bookstores into “free universities.”

The “Borders Live Classes” experiment launched in February, with Sacramento-area experts offering how-to workshops, everything from eliminating paper clutter to buying foreclosed homes to matchmaking online.

Although as many as 450 attendees were showing up weekly for classes at the local stores, the program is not going to be rolled out nationwide as hoped.

Borders spokeswoman Kolleen O’Meara says it’s ending the program Saturday because each store’s employees were spending too much time preparing for the five or so daily classes and not enough “concentrating on our customers.”

The decision is a disappointment for Stuart Skorman, the Bay Area entrepreneur who sold Borders on the concept, recruited local instructors and handled marketing.

“We were really pleased with it,” he says, adding that attendance had tripled since it started four months ago. He’s convinced enrollment would have continued growing, helping create loyal Borders customers.

Now, he’s in “serious negotiations” with another local company to host the program. Skorman offered no more details other than that classes could resume in September.”

Just because they don’t all work out is no reason to stop doing it. We love working with people with new ideas.

Where do you find the time for all this social media stuff? Clay Shirky has an answer

When talking with folks about participation in social media, online communication and communities, one question I am always asked is,” Where do you get the time?”

One of my standard answers is to ask people to look at all the things they used to do that they don’t anymore. Standing by fax machines, sending out multiple faxes and waiting for them to go through? Nope. Printing, stuffing and mailing press kits? Not so much.

Clay Shirky, author of “Here Come’s Everybody”, has a different take. It’s in two parts, but not that long. Check it out:

Banish the taint!

Cork taint that is.  That’s the plan of a group of students from the UC Davis Graduate School of Management, who were the winning team at this years “Big Bang” business plan competition. I attended and was a mentor for one of the teams in the competition (they didn’t make it to the finals – read into that what you will).  The Bee has a full write-up which includes this quote from the CEO of the winning team:

“Regardless of how that contest goes, Keller said, the design already has attracted the kind of attention that would make any young entrepreneur giddy.

“Last night, a guy from Gallo handed me a card and said, ‘When you’re ready to start up, give me a call,’ ” he said.

And here’s the PR lesson, don’t talk about prospective deals in the media. It will bite you. Somehow, someday, it will bite you.

Congratulations to all the teams. The ideas were amazing and the presentations much better than many I see from companies much further along.