Start a business, Not a Startup – Have a business, not a product

Start a business, not a startup

Have a business, not a product

Two great pieces of advice I ran across in the last 24 hours.  The first piece of advice is from 37 Signals. They’ve built a business with many great products.  The second was given by Dan Lankford of Wavepoint Ventures last night to a presenting company at Venture Island Chico.  I was one of the judges on a panel with Dan and was introduced as “the only one of the judges without any money.”  I think this is because I was the only non-investor (other than Dr. Paul Zingg – the president of Chico State) that was a judge. At least I hope so.

Speaking of Venture Island. It was a great turnout last night. About 100 people showed up to watch the eight remaining companies pitch their sales and marketing strategy.  A top three was selected by the judges, and a top three by the audience. College Scheduler was the winner of both categories. Watch these guys, they’ve got something good.

Judges Rankings:
1-College Scheduler
2-California Academy of Nursing
3-Water Sprites Swim School

Audience Rankings:
1-College Scheduler
2-Water Sprites Swim School
3-All College Rentals


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