Playing hurt

Think you’re tough?  Take look at this list of injuries:

“I’ve sprained my left ankle nine times. I’ve had Achilles tendinitis and flexor tendinitis in my left foot. When I was younger, I had Osgood-Schlatter (disease) in my knees. Hamstring knots and pulled hamstrings. Not major tears, just smaller ones. A labral (cartilage) tear in my right hip. There was a cyst in my right hip. I don’t know if it’s still there, but when they did the MRI, it showed a cyst in the socket …”

…. paused a beat, then continued.

“I’ve had numerous back spasms, a disc bulge behind L5 and S1 (in lower back). And I’ve sprained my wrists, both of them. And I’ve had a lot of small injuries I don’t need to mention, but those are the big ones.”

Gee, is that all?

“Well, I’ve also had plantar fasciitis and heel (stones) that made it hurt to stand. … Oh, and I had stress fracture in my fibula. Right leg. That was around the same time as the hip thing.”

Football player?  Basketball player?  Try ballet.

Nope, no PR or marketing connection here, just an article in the Sacramento Bee about the Sacramento Ballet. Good thing the most serious occupational hazard I have to deal with is scalding my tongue on green tea at my desk.


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