Are you CANP?

What the heck is CANP?  I just heard the term myself for the first time yesterday and did the acronym on my own. What does it mean?  Culturally Aware Non-Participatory.

The context of this is a meeting I had yesterday with some folks from the Sacramento Ballet about engaging more local people in the ballet.  First off, let me say that my knowledge of the ballet is limited to attending the Nutcracker as a kid what I see my daughters try and do when they are trying to spin on their toes (yes I know the right term ;

I have to admit, I fall into the CANP camp.  I knew that the area had lots of culturally enriching programs but I didn’t really participate. It’s apparently a big issue with folks my age. We focus so much on work and other things that we think it’s not OK to spend time doing something else.  So, I’m going to try and apply what I know about marketing and social media to get other area CANPs more engaged.

One of the interesting discussions we had involved the similarities between ballet and soccer. Lost me?  Well, there is a connection.  Think of all the kids in America that play soccer? How many stay engaged with the sport once they are adults? The same is true with ballet. Think of all the young girls that take ballet classes. Now how many of them attend the ballet or support it when they grow up?

Are you a CANP?  What would get you engaged?


One thought on “Are you CANP?

  1. This totally speaks to me!!! I fell into the CANP category… but in my 30’s I transcended the statistic and happily became a CAP again! Oddly, I’m one of the rare kids that was raised in a non-soccer family, introduced to classical music & art at an early age, and took ballet class until I was 17. Loved ballet, couldn’t get enough of it, and I’m proud to say I actually saw Baryshnikov perform live. To top it off, in my adult life I lived in two of the best Ballet cities in the world: San Francisco and Seattle. Did I ever go? NO. I didn’t sit through a ballet production again until I was 36 years old. Let’s do the math, shall we? 19 years since seeing Baryshnikov. I was that 20something that knew and loved ballet, and I didn’t go! Now, officially in my 40’s, I can not believe I went for as long as I did being a CANP. Today, going to the ballet brings that elusive sense of culture back into my life, a sense of being a part of a much bigger artistic community and not to mention it’s a very civilized way to spend an evening! Champagne with friends in the lobby before a show has become my favorite Ballet tradition! What made me want to engage? A friend suggested dinner and a show…and we met for Champagne in the lobby. Now, I’m hooked. I guesse I’m always up for a nice night out with friends. Getting to see quality ballet in Downtown Sacramento (opposed to driving to San Francisco) is an added bonus!

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