Chip Conley does engagement right

I’m a fan of Chip Conley.  I like his business. I like his thinking. Most of all I like how he walks the talk. His thinking about engagement goes beyond having a blog. It permeates the work of his company.  When Joie de Vivre was developing a new hotel in the Sacramento area. They attended community meetings, they had a contest to name the new hotel, and even more importantly, they listened.

The new Citizen Hotel, will incorporate an understanding of Sacramento with the standard JDV hipness.  Below is a little from today’s Sacramento Bee about the soon to open hotel:

Sacramento’s newest downtown citizen is shaping up as a bit of a split personality. And that’s exactly what developers of the Citizen Hotel, at 10th and J streets, have in mind.

The 14-story hotel, which has been covered in scaffolding for weeks, is still seven months away from opening. But workers recently finished two “model” guest rooms that give a glimpse of what’s coming: rich fabrics and only-in-Sacramento political touches.

Like lamps and sconces with fabric shades depicting the state Constitution. (Great for insomniacs.) And framed prints of political cartoons by the late Newton Pratt, a Sacramento Bee editorial cartoonist for more than 30 years.”

The one question I have is whether this will be a ‘non-partisan’ hotel. You see, Sacramento, being a political town, has a Republican hotel (Hyatt) and a Democratic hotel (Sheraton).  One is union, the other is not, therefore there’s a split on who will hold events where.

PS – this may seem like a commercial, but they aren’t a client. I’m just a fan and having basically grown up in the hotel business (along with the technology industry) I like to see innovation and I like to see things done well.


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