Social Media Class Day 2 Preso

Here’s the socialmediaday2from last night’s second of two classes on social media at UC Davis Extension.  I’ll be putting up some more of the tagged information on delicious laster today –

They’ve asked me to think about what I would like to teach in the Fall semester. Anyone who participated in the class have any ideas?


4 thoughts on “Social Media Class Day 2 Preso

  1. I think you should teach again! The course was awesome. A follow-up course that goes deeper into the theory and practices would be appreciated. I think the material lends its self to at least a twice a year format. The information changes so rapidly. I suppose these are less ideas rather than encouragements. 🙂

  2. Thanks Lori. A follow up course is a good idea. I would also like to bring a few guest speakers who have done some of the work we would discuss.

  3. Thanks Mark….Um by chance do you work for Social World? If so, please see the slide in the above presentation on transparency.

    IP logging is a wonderful thing.

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