Starbucks picking up buzz from crowdsourcing

Starbucks launched MyStarbucksIdea a few weeks ago with that according the announcementtakes the Starbucks Experience outside the store and enables customers to play a role in shaping the company’s future.”


Think of Digg when looking at the site.  Users submit ideas and visitors then vote them up or down.

This is the sort of idea that can get easily panned by people looking for a reason to attack a company, but according to an AP article today:

Skeptics have panned, unveiled at the company’s heavily attended annual meeting in mid-March, as an online suggestion box that’s already grown stale. But the heavy traffic it’s drawn and the message Starbucks is sending — that it’s listening, and listening carefully — have impressed corporate marketing experts.”

Some stats from the article:

  • 300 posts in first hour live
  • over 100,000 votes by the end of the first week

Wondering what it takes to moderate that? According the article, “about four dozen Starbucks employees monitor MyStarbucksIdea, each about eight hours a week.”

The other site mentioned in the article doing something similar is by Dell, which has embraced social media wholeheartedly after learning a hard lesson a few years ago.

Both of the sites are powered by Hmm….think Outcast maybe had something to do with this glowing article?

Congratulations to Starbucks, Dell and Salesforce.

2 thoughts on “Starbucks picking up buzz from crowdsourcing

  1. I believe that this is the perfect venture for Starbucks and not sure, quite frankly, why they didn’t jump into social media sooner… How cool to be able to harness the minds of thousands (probably soon to be MILLIONS) of customers to come up with improvements and new ideas. Kudos to them–and to any other coffee houses who will not be able to see what coffee-drinkers are looking for!

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