Check out Flexperience in the WSJ

I’ve mentioned Flexperience before. It’s the company my wife works for.  They’re included in an article in the WSJ today on SWATs. What’s a SWAT?  Smart Women Available Time.  This article is not about mothers looking to make a little money outside the home. These are seasoned execs who want to keep their skills sharp, stay in the game, make money, and let’s be honest, these are successful women. They’re not going to turn off their drive for success in business. It just doesn’t happen.

No, we don’t work with Flexperience. They don’t need us. The media calls them.


Web 2.0 Panel at Venture Vineyard

I’m debating instituting “Web 2.0 bingo” in this panel and making check marks whenever anyone says ‘social network,’ widget, or Facebook, but I’m afraid that writing all those check marks would take up all my time.

  • Datamash – create your own widget. maybe I should make myself one. What should I widgetize?
  • eatNation – describe themselves as a ‘facebook for food’ – use the term ‘food chain’ – that’s funny but then again I’m a dork. Market was described as ‘ginormous.’
  • Koblo – content creation tools and destination for music – running on Amazon back-end. (complete non-sequitur – wonder how much money Amazon makes on that or are they setting up to be the Exodus of Boom 2.0?
  • ReFrameIt – “let people comment in the margin of a site without site owners’ permission” – My initial thought was ‘like Third Voice?” – Not really – Create threads – Doesn’t cover content on the page – Also can be private for internal communications and groups. Could be interesting. Smart advisory board.
  • WeMeUs – Build value in the connections you already have. Bonus points for saying “we are not a social network.” Calls themselves a ‘personal” with a meta address book

Notes from Venture Vineyard

Attending the Venture Vineyard conference in Sonoma today. Lots of companies presenting, looking for money. I’ll be dropping updates throughout the day. A few notes so far from the “Seed Stage” panel:

Jibit – online computer repair.  Hard market.  They didn’t mention the three competitors that I know Everdream (former client when at 10d), Centerbeam, and PC-Doctor (presenter at previous GCN conference in Reno).

– Number of times so far, that a presenting company has mentioned ‘Dubai’ – 4

– Know what your pre-money valuation is when presenting

This does not bode well for my Google PageRank

For the last few years, this blog (and its previous incarnation at Blogger) have been among the top two or three results when you search for “Josh Morgan.”  Once in awhile when a certain receiver for Virginia Tech would have a big game, I would slide down a bit. So, imagine my pain when my team, selected him with their 6th pick. I want to see the Niners latest receiver be successful, but it’s going to drive me down the first page!

Use the right tools to find the right person

For some reason, I keep mentioning Jive Software. I mentioned them in the context of “should PR agencies blog?” I mentioned them in the context of direct customer feedback, as it related to Forrester, and now I’m going to mention them in their search for a Director of Communications.

Yes, they have a basic job description, but they also have a video of Sam Lawrence, talking about the position and including other members of their team, their agency, and I think, his kids.

I think they are looking for someone who knows how to use the tools, other than someone who can just send in a resume. Good tactic. Let’s see if it works.