Don’t miss out on valuable employees

just because they don’t want to work full time.  One of our employees doesn’t work for us full time.  And my wife works for a firm that helps people who don’t work full time find gigs that work with their schedules and experience.  These aren’t “temp jobs,” these are executive level jobs that don’t need someone 40 hours per week.

Who are the people who fit into this category of having more than ten years experience and extensive education but don’t want to work full time?  You guessed it, moms (well almost always moms).    These people looking for jobs are able to find positions that can fit their schedules, employers can find experienced professionals that in the case some small companies they wouldn’t be able to afford at a full time rate.  And society doesn’t lose this valuable, highly trained workforce.

What’s the point of all this?  Look for someone that can help you out, they may be closer than you think.  Also, check out Flexperience on NBC from this week.

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