You can hide….but not forever

Cisco seems to have a mess on its hands that drives home the dangers of anonymous blogging.  It seems that a patent attorney at Cisco was blogging anonymously under the pseudonym “Troll Tracker.”  The name relates to so-called “patent trolls” that purchase patents with the objective of using them as the basis of lawsuits against companies.

The blog was not sanctioned by Cisco, but the author was apparently a patent attorney at Cisco.  He was eventually identified by a visitor to the site and chose to unmask himself.  Lawsuits have followed.

The takeaway here is that the perception of anonymity on the Internet is false. If it can’t say it under your name you shouldn’t say it.  There are people out there with much more time and braincycles than you can imagine that will unmask you and the consequences are never pretty. Unless you are Fake Steve Jobs, then all bets are off because he somehow created his own reality distortion field.


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