Sacramento’s Own Prosper is in the WSJ!

Unfortunately the column is about the demise of “luxury magazines.”  Not sure if I would have called Prosper a luxury magazine but the reporter did.


I have a somewhat different take on the “demise” of these publications. I don’t think they went down because the economy is going down. I actually think they started going down when the economy was doing great.  Most of the readers of these type of publications are “aspirational.” They don’t actually live the luxury, jetsetting lifestyles portrayed in these publications, but they want to.  I’m thinking there may be upside to this market as the economy continues to slow down.  If I remember correctly companies that deal in small luxuries do well in down economies. I think these magazines may fit that bill.  People may not be able to afford to go to Hawaii next year (ahem us), but we would like to read about it.

That being said, maybe there’s room for Sacramento’s latest luxury magazine to grow over the next few years.  Maybe during that time I’ll move from the aspirational buyer to the actual target !


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