SARTA Tech Index Lunch – A Politician Not Campaigning and a Salesman not Selling

There are three bits of information in the subject head. One of them is true.  There was in fact a lunch yesterday by SARTA to celebrate this year’s Tech Index.  The second two are not true.

There were two speakers during lunch, other than SARTA folks like Chair Dan Koellen and Roger Akers, who received a much deserved award for his tireless work.  The two speakers were Steve Poizner, California Insurance Commissioner, and Gary Hanna, SVP of sales for Poizner is a former entrepreneur who has successfully built and sold companies.  Should be a great fit for this audience.  Would have been if that’s what he talked about. He started off by saying he wan’t going to answer the question about whether he was going to run for governor.  Then he gave a stump speech.

Gary Hanna was ostensibly going to talk about cloud computing. He did. For two minutes, then tried to sell us all on the app exchange.

Even with the above mis-steps it was a good event and a chance for me to see some people that don’t get out of their offices much.  Also, 450 people for a tech event in Sacramento is a good thing.

Disclosure – we are on the PR/Marketing committee for SARTA


One thought on “SARTA Tech Index Lunch – A Politician Not Campaigning and a Salesman not Selling

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