When the game changes, change how you play

Just because things have been one way before doesn’t mean they shouldn’t change. The music industry has been going through immense change since 1999, i.e. Napster. Some folks in the music industry have responded with lawsuits, cough, cough RIAA-(shakedown), others have found more creative ways to get paid for their music. Check out what Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails have been doing.


Now The Raconteurs, Jack White’s ‘other band’, is bypassing the usual routine of how albums are released with a ‘quick release.’ They announced today that they are releasing their entire album next week. This is different from how it is traditionally done according to Matt Rosoff of News.com who describes the normal process below:

“Back in the old days (like 2007), the marketing strategy for new albums included a prerelease “rolling thunder” PR campaign. First came a single, followed shortly by the video.

Then a few chosen reviewers would get early copies with “NOT FOR RESALE” imprinted across the front, allowing them to have their reviews ready slightly before or on the release date. Retail outlets would receive promotional matter, like cardboard cutouts of the band standing in front of the album cover. A few warm-up shows would feature songs from the record. Meanwhile, somebody–a reviewer, a disgruntled record company employee–would leak the entire album to file-trading services.”

So, here’s to Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails and The Raconteurs. Finding new ways to keep making their music and getting paid. They also get bonus points for a very cool site.

Full disclosure – on my iPod there is a lot of music from Jack White, with The White Stripes, Loretta Lynn and The Raconteurs.


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