The conversation is happening

What the heck does that mean?  As the Cluetrain pointed out in 1999 markets are a conversation.  A few weeks ago I pointed to a post by the CEO of Jive Software about whether or not PR agencies should blog about their clients.

This time it’s the CMO of Jive who is making noise with the grades he has assigned to the two major analyst firms that they subscribe to.  Those firms are Forrester and Gartner.  A big part of Jive’s business is creating software to connect people. Social media in the enterprise.  So, social media research and analysts who understand social media is important to them.

After assigning the ‘grades’ online. Josh Bernoff of Forrester literally responded within minutes. Over the next hour several other analysts and others weighed in.  So far, no comment from Gartner.  Guess they don’t get it.  Also, because that’s what he does, and apparently Jive appreciates, Jeremiah Owyang has a response.

The conversations are happening. Does Gartner want to listen or participate?


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