Sacto Celebrities Volume 2 – Brian Posehn

A few months ago I wrote about Adam Rich, who apparently is in the Sacramento-area.  I’ve recently been made aware of another local celebrity, Brian Posehn. Who is Brian?  Do a quick search and you’ll go, ‘Oh I know him!’

His official site seems like it hasn’t been updated in awhile but it does have some fun stuff.  Most interestingly he wrote a song with Anthrax.  One of the best live shows I have ever seen was Anthrax, when I was 15 at the Oakland Coliseum Arena.  Yes, I am boring old semi-respectable guy now, but still when the office gets a little quiet, there’s nothing like a little metal/punk to liven things up a bit.

Not sure if he still has a house here but according to IMDB he was born here. Wonder if he’s related to Mike Posehn.



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