Is Obama this year’s Dean?

With Clinton winning Texas and Ohio today that seems like it could be a possibility. What do I mean by the headline? Did Obama stop running in the primary and start running in the general election prematurely? This is true in politics as well as in the PR world where I live, don’t open a second front before you’ve closed the first.

My guess is that Republicans are salivating over a rejuvenated Hillary campaign (notice I said “Hillary” and not “Clinton?” It’s because we haven’t seen very much of Bill over the last two weeks).  In my opinion, she is much more of a ‘standard candidate’ in their eyes and they know how to run against that. Also, it opens up a few more months of the Democrats tearing each other up.

Disclosure – The above is provided in the context of marketing. It’s not an endorsement or a prediction. Also, while I’ve worked on some public affairs initiatives, I decided early in my career that politics wasn’t where I wanted to build my expertise. It’s much more fun to sit back and be an ‘armchair operative’ 😉

One thought on “Is Obama this year’s Dean?

  1. Possibly. But I also find it interested even with Hillary’s “wins” there is still no clear leader. And Obama is still carrying more delgates than Hillary.

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