My wife is sitting in the dark at an elementary school down the street

It’s almost midnight why is she doing that? Well, first off, she’s not alone down there. As of 11:45 pm there were 28 other people there. She’s waiting in line for kindergarten registration which begins at 7 am. Apparently, there are too many kids in our area and not enough classrooms (don’t even get me started on the mello-roos we paid when we bought our house four years ago), so to ensure your child, in this case my eldest daughter, get into the neighborhood school, you have to wait in line to hand in your registration packet.

If there aren’t enough seats year after year, shouldn’t a school add more? This is not a school district that is hurting for funds. Now, if you go the school district’s website this issue is not addressed at all. In fact, the only way we knew about it was from other parents. Now if I moved to this area for the schools, one of the reasons we moved here from San Jose four years ago, and our children didn’t get into the local public school I would be pretty angry. Actually, I’m still angry that my wife is down there. I’m home with the kids. She’s down there with other parents on a sleepover at an elementary school. Oh, and the lights shut off at 11.

What’s the PR hook to this? If the district knows that this happens every year, they should:

1) communicate with the community about it

2) create a system where this isn’t necessary (ie registration packets aren’t timestamped and can be accepted during a set period)

3) IF it has to happen, keep the lights on – maybe open a bathroom, maybe have the superintendent drop by and say hello


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