Should PR agencies blog?

not in the abstract sense, but about clients. Great discussion happening over at Brian Solis’ PR 2.0 blog about this topic.

The question was brought up apparently as a client asked their new agency to include them on their blog. Here’s the original post from the company CEO.

Now, looking back to when I was at Edelman, this issue came up a few times.  Sometimes new clients would sign up with us and say, “Hey can you have Steve Rubel or Phil Gomes or Richard Edelman write about us?”

My answer would be, “If what your doing is something their readers are interested in, then I can send them a link.” Was there an obligation for them to post it, heck no! If they did, then their readers would disappear in droves.

Now, my answer would be, sure, we can do that.  Different megaphone, and it’s my megaphone.


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