On the road for the rest of the week

Tomorrow morning I head out for the rest of the week. While not nearly as cool as where I got to go last weekend, it’s going to be a lot of fun. But that wasn’t for work, that was with my family.

Thursday morning, I have an instructors meeting for the course I’m teaching at UC Davis Extension, on Social Media.   If you’re in the Sacramento area and interested in learning about the basics of social media and how its being used by businesses, individuals and government, please sign up. Thing is, we’re going to also spend a lot of time on why you might want to participate in social media, and why the medium craves participation and loathes lurking and shouting. Don’t make me beg, I’ve never taught a class before and I do better when a room is full.  Funny thing is, I married a teacher, my mom was a teacher, my mother in law is a teacher, my father taught at the college level and I wasn’t.  Guess, I might have to add to my many hats that I already wear.

After that meeting, I head up to Chico for a new event from Golden Capital (yes they are a client) and they are trying something pretty cool. It’s called Venture Island. It’s a 5 month boot camp for start-ups. Think Survivor, meets The Apprentice, meets Donny Deutsch.  Check out more information here. PS – Check out that last link it’s to the Chico site for Venture Communities.  You’ll be hearing more about that later.

After the Venture Island kick off, which ends at 7:30 pm, I’m heading down to San Francisco for a Friday meeting with a client who is headquartered in Daly City.

The long and short of it is, if it takes me a bit to get back to you over the next 48 hours, it’s just because I may be in a spot where I can’t answer my cell phone, there’s a lot of dead spots on I-5.


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