Quick trip to Austin to see SunGard Public Sector and uCareer

I was in Austin a few days this week to see a few clients. The neat thing is that this was the first time I had met either one of them in person.

We’ve been working with SunGard Public Sector (formerly known as Pentamation) since the fall. They’re based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and we had never met in person. We were introduced to them by a former colleague from Apple who had consulted with them. We talked on the phone several times, hit it off and we’ve been together ever since.

The other client we met with is uCareer.net. They are based in Austin and working with us on our “Quick Call Retainer” program. Alan Ren, the founder of uCareer was at Revver (whom I worked with at Edelman) and then Thoof ( a former Morgan/Dorado client). Thing is, i had never met Alan in person, but he knew our work and brought us on board as he was starting his new company.

This is part of how we work. We don’t go actively looking for clients. We work with people we know. It also points to how we are a communications firm in Sacramento, not a Sacramento communications firm. Our clients are everywhere. This way we can choose the best clients, not just the best clients within 30 miles.

This is a shot from my window at the Hyatt in Austin of the UT crew team practicing on Lake Travis. It was taken through a window using my BlackBerry.



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