Friday fun – Roll like Tony Soprano

We like cars here at Morgan/Dorado. No we don’t have anything flashy, sensible yes, but flashy can be fun once in awhile.

So, in the spirit of Friday Fun, we bring you the auction for Tony Soprano’s White Cadillac Escalade ESV (also known as a Suburban with bling). Note, shiny track suit  does not come with the car. Here’s an article from the NY Times on the auction.

Tony Soprano’s Escalade ESV


New Angel Group Forming in Reno

This is being led by NCET and local (to Reno) folks like Bob Goff and Mike Hess (of Mariah Power). The intro meeting is Thursday, March 13 in Reno.

If you’re interested in learning more about angel investing ( a bit of an overview is below), then send an email to Emily Lowe, for more info.

Bloo Solar – local (Sacramento) company picks up 100k grant

from VentureBeat. I’m still getting used to the idea of grants as funding for companies. I know, grants and other instruments like SBA loans have helped start companies for a long time, but with so much private money looking to be invested in green energy you’d think the gov’t could sit it out, or am I looking at this the wrong way?

Bloo Solar picks up $100K grant for solar nanotech

By Chris Morrison 02.28.08

Various schemes for increasing the effectiveness of solar cells through nanotech have shown great promise of late. One idea, under development by Bloo Solar, is to increase the surface area of cells by layering nano-sized “bristles” on.The bristles are essentially nano-scaled, hair-like wires, arranged vertically to capture more energy. The company claims that its technology increases total surface area by 700 times, helping capture far more sunlight.

The $100,000 grant was provided by the National Science Foundation. Bloo Solar is located in West Sacramento, Calif., and has not yet taken venture funding, according to our records.

Bad business ideas

We moved into an office last summer. The office had a copier in it. The previous occupant of the office asked us if we wanted to take over the lease of the copier. We did. We’ve found we don’t use it much at all. We don’t want it in our office. It takes up too much room and it takes a lot of energy.

So, I called the local number on the copier for Smile Business Products, and was told that the lease is “non-cancellable.” They referred me to lease holder, De Lage Landen, and they said it was non-cancellable as well, but I could buy out the remainder of the lease if I would like to. I wouldn’t. I want this gone from our office. They put me into the voicemail of someone from another department.

The thing that makes me angry is that one of the precepts of their business is not allowing customers to stop doing business with them. If I had a pleasant experience, then who knows maybe when we grew and have 10 offices I would have called them and said I want two industrial sized copiers for each one. Now, unless I get surprised somewhere along the way, that is never going to happen.

Broken business.

Update – got a call from the VP of sales for Smile late this afternoon. He gave me the number and name of someone to talk to at DLL, but basically told me it was out of his hands, although he did say he may have a way to help me eventually.  My take here is that he said that his company got paid for the copier by the finance company and don’t own it anymore, they just service it.

Should PR agencies blog?

not in the abstract sense, but about clients. Great discussion happening over at Brian Solis’ PR 2.0 blog about this topic.

The question was brought up apparently as a client asked their new agency to include them on their blog. Here’s the original post from the company CEO.

Now, looking back to when I was at Edelman, this issue came up a few times.  Sometimes new clients would sign up with us and say, “Hey can you have Steve Rubel or Phil Gomes or Richard Edelman write about us?”

My answer would be, “If what your doing is something their readers are interested in, then I can send them a link.” Was there an obligation for them to post it, heck no! If they did, then their readers would disappear in droves.

Now, my answer would be, sure, we can do that.  Different megaphone, and it’s my megaphone.