Congratulations Robin & team at NTI!

In November, I wrote a post about a company I had worked with being acquired, well, it happened again.

It was announced today by Blackboard, that they are acquiring the NTI Group. I was pleased to work with the NTI Group for several years. It started my first month at Edelman in 2004, when Jennifer Harrison called me to let me know she got a new business lead that she couldn’t take on. She referred them to me, and they soon came on as an Edelman client.

The new business pitch itself is one of my favorites. Adam Silber and I went down to NTI’s offices above a furniture store in Sherman Oaks and presented to Robin Richards, the CEO, Natasha Rabe, VP of special projects, and Pam Rose, VP. We gave a short presentation, and then Robin said, ” OK guys get out for a minute so we can talk about you.”

Adam and I stepped out into the main office, and then were called back in in a few minutes. Robin says, “You’ve got the business, but I want to tell you I hire fast and I fire fast.” I’m proud to say, we didn’t get fired. When I left Edelman, they were still a client and I kept consulting with them for my first six months at Morgan/Dorado.

Congratulations everyone.

PS-Robin maybe I should have taken that job you offered me on the way to the airport


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