There’s new content in town!

learned of a new addition to the Sacramento online scene. launched at the end of the year. Yes, I know I’m late, but it takes a while for things to filter out to us fogies in the suburbs.

Site looks cool. It’s relatively clean looking with things like event guides etc.

My take is they are trying to position themselves as a local social network. My take is their best bet would be to try for the local citizen news/gossip angle. We need one of those.

Good luck!

PS – I would give them props by name, but there is no ‘about us’ on the site and the ‘contact us’ tab is a form (hint, hint). Could that be because it’s being run by the Sacramento Bee and they don’t want people to know that?


3 thoughts on “There’s new content in town!

  1. It is a powerful statement of the times and, in particular, mainstream newspapers, that The Sacramento Bee feels it would be detrimental to advertise that saclights is a product of McClatchy Interactive, the McClatchy Newspapers division responsible for delivery of all online efforts.

    Saclights is part of an effort by The Sacramento Bee to increase its online audience and thus its online revenue. But how can that work when the newspaper abandons existing sites — try going to, the former entertainment site — and doesn’t even mention where the former content such as movie listings is available?

    This is all very sad.

  2. I agree. If a major news organization does a site well, people will not shun just because it’s from a major source. On the other hand if they try and hide where it’s from, and people find out, they will shun it. Transparency is key. One thing major media seems to not get yet.

  3. they should just copy, that’s always a great way to try and get into sacramento online content.

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