Podcasts here I come!


We have a new toy/tool here at Morgan/Dorado, the M-Audio MicroTrack! Yes, I know there is a newer model out but this one is perfect for us. We’re working on some projects with podcasts and looking forward to seeing what this can do.

PS – Yes, I know the link above is to the MicroTrack II – it has more horsepower than we need right now


One of the best comments I have seen on the state of the primaries thus far

“Mayor Giuliani’s momentum-proof national polling lead, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny all walk into a bar,” it began. “You’re right. None of them exist.”

–  attributed to Romney campaign spokesman Kevin Madden

This was lead into by :

” Only weeks ago, Mr. DuHaime spoke in a call about the former mayor’s strong lead in those states. “Some of these leads are momentum-proof at this point,” he said.

Full article is available at the NY Times.

Note – this isn’t an endorsement of any candidate or party (yes, I’m in PR 😉