I’m all for venting, but the obvious rants that people are doing with their “I hate PR people” rants is getting a little old. The worst part is, it’s not even original. Here’s a good one from 1999. This one at least acknowledged that the company he worked for was actually paying our PR firm at the time (I say “our” when I was actually pretty much one of the junior folks at that time).

I haven’t once written a rant about all of the smart business people that have driven several incredible print publications into the ground. Why? My job is PR not magazine publishing.

If you’re going to write a rant, write a new one.


3 thoughts on “Whatever

  1. SLT piece is priceless.

    how’s this for the journalist…you say we’re flackers, i say you’re a f*****

    come on! pr people and journalists have managed to coexist albeit it with some bumps, but if the clintons do it, surely we can. leave it to andersen’s rant to push the relationship down to bill’s all time blow low.

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