Dell Acquires Everdream (who I worked with long, long ago)

Why do I care? I worked with Everdream in 2000. They were a client of ours at Tenth Dimension (a now defunct marketing firm).

Here’s a link to the official release and to a story on CNET.

Everdream was an interesting company to work with. The two Rive brothers that founded the company were from South Africa and had fascinating back stories. One of them, Lyndon, is still on the board. He also was a pioneer in underwater hockey and is now founder/CEO of SolarCity (also funded by Elon Musk).

When I was working with them they were a little ahead of their time. The thing with Dell acquiring them that I find most interesting is that HP was a MAJOR investor back when I was involved.

This also represents an exit for Elon Musk, of the PayPal Mafia, who was one of the earliest investors and is still listed as being on the board.

So please raise a glass to several people who were involved way back when; Steve Jurvetson, Gary Griffith, the Rive Brothers, Dave Lamont, Nicole Ratner and the team at Tenth Dimension (MA Keane, Jon Goldfuss, Jason Headley and many more).


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