Very helpful PR tips for startups from Alex Iskold at AdaptiveBlue

Alex Iskold at AdaptiveBlue has put together a solid list of tips for startups to use when navigating the world of PR. He writes from experience as CEO of a company that has used PR effectively.

Check out the whole post here.

I’m on board with almost everything he says, right up until he says, “Here is the news, Press Releases are dead. We found them to be completely ineffective. To the point of zero leads. Zero.”

One thing about the press release, though, it’s not dead, but its role has definitely changed. There’s little things like changing the type of content included to make them more blog friendly (ie the social media release), but the most helpful part of the press release that still hasn’t changed for me is the process of creating it. Having a release as a concrete document you are creating helps focus internal audiences on what they really want to say and who they want to say it to. This is incredibly important for startups.

Also in regards to a press release, we have to remember who the audience is for the release and what the goal is. The primary audience is the media/bloggers. The release is a tool to communicate information. The goal is coverage of whatever is being announced. Yes, press releases are now read by everyone, but their primary audience is still people that you want to write about your company.

PS – thanks to Marshall Kirkpatrick for linking to that post.


One thought on “Very helpful PR tips for startups from Alex Iskold at AdaptiveBlue

  1. Press releases certainly are not dead. However, many need to be revamped and I suggest new methods for attracting attention. And you’re right about the importance of having documents that deliver your message through both traditional and social media. I also thing that anyone preparing a press releases owes it to the individual or organization to deliver that press release on numerous platforms. Social media gives us those opportunities.

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