I’m all for venting, but the obvious rants that people are doing with their “I hate PR people” rants is getting a little old. The worst part is, it’s not even original. Here’s a good one from 1999. This one at least acknowledged that the company he worked for was actually paying our PR firm at the time (I say “our” when I was actually pretty much one of the junior folks at that time).

I haven’t once written a rant about all of the smart business people that have driven several incredible print publications into the ground. Why? My job is PR not magazine publishing.

If you’re going to write a rant, write a new one.


I always tell people who want to make $$ to hang around me ;-)

Well I do, but it’s kind of a running joke. I’ve been lucky enough to work with quite a few companies that have been acquired for significant sums of money. Some while I was working with them (NetMind), some shortly after (Skype), and now it seems they are coming in a flurry, with EverDream a few weeks ago, and today the news that Homestead was acquired by Intuit. Homestead was a client when I was with Alexander Ogilvy and led to another client at the time. I was in a meeting with Homestead and a new company that hadn’t launched yet and apparently we impressed Ann Ruckstuhl their VP of Marketing. They hired us to help them launch, but we never got to, yep eBay acquired them before they launched.

Homestead is a feel good story. Their CEO drinks milk with every meal and cares about his employees. He started the company while an undergrad at Stanford more than 10 years ago. He talks about the acquisition and why he did it here on his blog. Congratulations Justin.

Dell Acquires Everdream (who I worked with long, long ago)

Why do I care? I worked with Everdream in 2000. They were a client of ours at Tenth Dimension (a now defunct marketing firm).

Here’s a link to the official release and to a story on CNET.

Everdream was an interesting company to work with. The two Rive brothers that founded the company were from South Africa and had fascinating back stories. One of them, Lyndon, is still on the board. He also was a pioneer in underwater hockey and is now founder/CEO of SolarCity (also funded by Elon Musk).

When I was working with them they were a little ahead of their time. The thing with Dell acquiring them that I find most interesting is that HP was a MAJOR investor back when I was involved.

This also represents an exit for Elon Musk, of the PayPal Mafia, who was one of the earliest investors and is still listed as being on the board.

So please raise a glass to several people who were involved way back when; Steve Jurvetson, Gary Griffith, the Rive Brothers, Dave Lamont, Nicole Ratner and the team at Tenth Dimension (MA Keane, Jon Goldfuss, Jason Headley and many more).

Fun "About Us" page from 23andMe

I’m always looking for companies that do things a little differently in communicating information.

On Mashable I read that 23andMe (best known so far for being the recipient of funding from Google) was launching next Monday so I went to check it out.

Every company has a page called “About Us.” Most are pretty workmanlike, even boring so when one stands out it’s pretty cool.

Check out what I found here. Not everything is spelled out like in many sites but it speaks to what they do, and who they are. Well done.

That press release I just sent you….umm…just kidding

Valleywag and Marshall Kirkpatrick have put together a big oops on the part of Amazon. Someone screwed up and sent a release to Marshall at Read/Write/Web about an announcement. He wrote about it here. This demonstrates the good and the bad about instant publishing as this morning according to Valleywag he posted on Twitter (I just can’t type “Twitterred” in good conscience) that:

“Update: Amazon contacted us this morning to let us know that though they sent us a draft press release, they are not in fact making any such announcement, they are not supporting OpenSocial and if they were it would still be under embargo anyway despite the date on said release.”

Oops. Did you read that ‘despite the date on the release?’ So then what does the date on the release mean?