Beware the exclusive – from Dave Winer

Full text of the post is below or you can see it here. I agree with Dave, especially in regard to most startups for a few reasons:
– Scalability – what if there is a huge traffic spike? Think you’re ready for it?
– Bugs – no one launches a perfect site/app/business. If huge groups of people come visit and have a negative experience, think they’re coming back?
– What if it doesn’t work? – if everything is predicated on a single big story hitting on a certain date, what happens if the article is unflattering or gets pushed or minimized by other news? You’ve managed to alienate a lot of people and not gotten the big bump you were anticipating.
– People are fickle – give potential customers a long window and many opportunities to learn about you. If you’re the flavor of the month, and they missed the ‘big bang’ you miss out on a lot of potential customers.

Beware the exclusive

Tuesday, October 16, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named love.gifWeb 2.0 companies, observe how Loic rolls his product out. It’s done personally. Not with a big bang, but with nurturing, one user at a time, at first, then it will fan out, but it will always have the personal touch, because it began that way. Permalink to this paragraph

In contrast, giving an exclusive to one press person or one blogger can be much less effective. It may get you on top of the ladder for a moment, but the glory fades fast, and then what? And your first impression is in the hands of someone else. What if he or she doesn’t like you or your product? (Or worse, if they have a conflicting interest, I’ve seen it happen.) You could get sandbagged. Permalink to this paragraph

Most PR firms show you how to do the big bang rollout, because that’s all they know. But even the greatest promoters, with the most press credit (I’m thinking of Steve Jobs) won’t rely exclusively on the press to carry their product. They guide it, they put their personal signature on it, they create an experience. Permalink to this paragraph

No doubt in the next few days there will be a lot of rollouts because of the Web 2.0 conf in SF. The only ones you’ll read about here, with any positive juice, are the ones that roll out with personality. Permalink to this paragraph


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