Poor Red’s – Knowing what you do well

This past weekend, based on a recent exchange with Jim Forbes, my wife and I went to dinner and drinks at Poor Red’s in El Dorado, about 5 miles up the hill from us.

Red’s can best be described as a roadhouse. The kind of place my father in law calls a “plaid shirt and ball cap kind of joint.” No pretensions, a great bar and good BBQ ( I had the ribs).

The signature of Red’s is the “Golden Cadillac.” This drink is a classic. It’s creme de menthe, half and half and ice cubes blended up with a floater of Galliano. To give you an idea of how many of these they make, this little bar outside Placerville is the #1 consumer of Galliano in the world.

The secret to Red’s is knowing what you do well, and doing it well, in their case for over 50 years.

So, if you find yourself headed up Highway 50 towards Tahoe, take a detour and get a Golden Cadillac from Hank the bartender. And remember, figure out what you do well and keep doing it.


One thought on “Poor Red’s – Knowing what you do well

  1. There Gold Cadiliac is not made with (creme de menthe) it is made with white cream de cacao……….it is not minty flavored, which is cream de menthe.

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