Get to the Clean Energy Showcase!

The Sacramento Bee issues a strong call to action for area businesses and governments to step up efforts to make the area more attractive to green businesses.

Why is this here? We worked with the Bee editorial board to help them understand the issue and help raise awareness of the Sacramento Region Clean Energy Showcase on October 11 at UC Davis. Not registered yet? Go to the event and register onsite!

Editorial: Is our region ready to be a clean-tech mecca?

Local actions will determine whether companies want to make their home here

Published 12:00 am PDT Wednesday, October 10, 2007
Story appeared in EDITORIALS section, Page B6

Unless you are awakening from a Rip Van Winkle nap, you’ve probably noticed that the hottest field of California business is the so-called “clean-tech” sector.

Clean tech is a catchall term for small and large businesses devoted to alternative power, energy efficiency, green building products and environmental technologies. In the first quarter of this year, U.S. venture capitalists invested $264 million in 23 clean-tech deals, with much of that capital flowing to and from California businesses — for obvious reasons.

More than any other state, California has passed laws to encourage sustainable energy and development practices. The state’s global warming law, its renewable energy standard and its solar initiatives are just some of the measures driving entrepreneurs to innovate and market new practices and products.

Full article here.


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