Countrywide jumps on the ‘we’re announcing a PR blitz’ bandwagon with help from Under Armour

According to an article in the WSJ (registration required), Countrywide Home Loans has launched a ” PR blitz aimed at repairing its reputation.” This is not a bad thing. The thing is, our industry and the term ‘PR blitz’ has such negative connotations that it makes it look like Countrywide has something to hide.

In looking at their site, they recently announced “America’s Open House Campaign,” to “help home buyers better understand today’s home financing options, Countrywide Home Loans, Inc., will enlist more than 7,000 home loan consultants to visit residential open houses across the country over the next six weeks to provide an array of mortgage financing options for customers.”

That is a GOOD program. Now, walk the walk and the “good PR” will follow.

Mortgages aren’t a bad thing. I have one. But they are complex financial transactions. There was too much opportunity for people to sign up for things they didn’t understand and too many companies more than willing to take their money.

So, final take, once again, PR programs aren’t a bad thing, announcing them is.

PS – next time though, don’t rip off the slogan from Under Armour:


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