NOLA BarCamp – Caution Soapbox to follow

The below is from VoodooVentures. This is impressive as hell. I was introduced to these guys by the Swamble folks, and am being impressed by their thinking.

Like many people, my family made made contributions to the American Red Cross in the time around Hurricane Katrina. That contribution was for immediate assistance. Now is the time when people can make a REAL contribution. Help create jobs in New Orleans. Support entrepreneurship. Help New Orleans create a new economy.

Thinking and actions like this is going to make a difference. I’m going to try and be there.

Announcing BarCamp NOLA
September 13, 2007 10:13 am


Chris Schultz


written by
Chris Schultz

I’m very excited to announce BarCamp NOLA to be held in New Orleans January 5-6, 2008. Brian Oberkirch and I were rapping this morning, and we decided to nail down the date for January. Blake Haney is excited about it too, and we’re even hoping to get Tara Hunt and Chris Messina there.

We’re going to be hosting the BarCamp right here in the Voodoo Ventures offices. For anybody interested here’s some pics of the layout. ( I’m also going to try to recruit the guys at Blutique next door to throw in their space).

Brian has the great idea of making the first day a traditional BarCamp day, and the second day a hack day, where we put together some piece of web goodness for deserving local charitable organization. Anybody interested, sign up on the wiki.

I’d like to find a struggling small business we could help immediately with a new site or enhanced Web services. Spend a weekend cranking as a team and launch the thing at the end of the weekend. We can get help from our friends everywhere with regard to code, design, ideas. Brains, we have them at the ready.

The New Orleans Brainjams event a year and a half ago was a fantastic experience, and I’m really excited to be rallying the troops for a bigger, better, badder BarCamp experience.

So put January 5th and 6th on your calendar, and go put your name on the wiki. For you out-of-towners, why not make a weekend of it. Come the BarCamp so you can write off your trip, stay for the Sugar Bowl, which will be the BCS National Championship game in New Orleans on January 8th.


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