Sam be nimble – Sam be quick – Somebody should have cut this one off at the…

Here’s the caption that was with the photo:
Republican presidential hopeful, U.S.,Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan. during a speech at the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, N.H., Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2007.(AP Photo/Jim Cole)

If you have an event planned and don’t think you are going to fill the room, CHANGE IT! Change the room set up, change the feel of the event, do something! Don’t let your spokesperson/candidate talk to an empty room. It’s bad for them, it’s bad for the people in the room and it’s bad for your job security.


One thought on “Sam be nimble – Sam be quick – Somebody should have cut this one off at the…

  1. Hey, there’s an update to this story. Lots of people are coming from the WSJ to read this.

    Kudos to Sam Brownback’s people for their quick response to the photo I posted here at 10:47 am PDT. At 11:35 PDT, I received the email below:

    The photo of Brownback at St. Anselm is highly disingenuous. There were over 50 people at the speech as they came and went over the lunch hour. That shot was taken at the end of the Q&A after the students had left to make it to their 1p classes.

    From New Hampshire Presidential Watch :

    The above photo was taken at the Sam Brownback speech at Saint Anselm College.

    The Drudge Report had a copy of the picture under the headline: What Happens When A Politician Goes To New Hampshire: And No One Shows Up…

    In Brownback’s defense, I was at the event and the photo was taken after most students had left because they had to make their 1:00 classes.

    See also: Boston Globe

    UPDATE: A reader writes in to National Review’s Kathryn Jean Lopez (see bottom of post) about an e-mail exchange he had with a professor that was at the event. The professor said:

    There were about 75 people there, including faculty and students. ….
    That particular photo was taken towards the end of the event after some 20 students or so had to take off for class. Such is life.

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