Make it easy for your customers to learn about you!

Our web site isn’t perfect. I know this. We’re working on it. That being said, sometimes I run across things that make me go hmmmm……

I visited the site for another PR firm today. They represent a company that we chose not to pitch the business for. We were fully committed at the time and even though the company seemed very interesting at the time, I didn’t want to win the business and then not deliver great results, so we passed on the opportunity to respond to their RFP. Their site is now live and when I went and poked around, I saw a link to their PR firm, so I went there and started looking around.

“Hey,” I thought, the firm has worked on some fun stuff, that would be great to learn about…when I clicked on one I was presented with this:

Why add this friction into your site? Is this a mis-guided lead capture mechanism like some real estate agents use? Are they worried that some other PR agency is going to read one of their case studies and steal their ‘secret sauce?’

I counsel clients to make it as easy as possible for people to learn about them, write about them and share information about them.

A rising tide lifts all boats. if you have best practices, share them. If you have demonstrated success, make it easy for prospective customers to learn about it. That way, when they see what you’ve done in the past, they’ll WANT to call you.


2 thoughts on “Make it easy for your customers to learn about you!

  1. ok, “a rising tide lifts all boats” is the best i have heard in a long time. good post. you get an A on this one.

  2. Thank you. My thought is that if you’re worried about people learning what you do, then you must not be that proud of it.

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