Business Cards – Hot Topic for August – Just ask LaPlante or Godin

August is a pretty slow month for news. That must be why several bloggers are looking desperately for topics to post about. That leads us to ……. business cards. Yes, business cards. We all have them. We have our own, we have stacks of cards from previous jobs, we have cards from people, companies and publications that don’t even exist anymore.

So, the point is that business cards hang around a long time and can serve as a strong reminder of your personal and business brand.

Dave LaPlante and Seth Godin have both recently posted their thoughts on business cards. Dave’s ideas are more about utility and Seth’s are more about style. Both posts are chock full of good ideas but there are two that are the same on both and I agree:
– don’t print them yourself
– don’t have your picture on them

Here’s mine. We’re going to be printing new ones with our new address soon so if you have any ideas feel free to share here or drop me an email!


3 thoughts on “Business Cards – Hot Topic for August – Just ask LaPlante or Godin

  1. My personal favorite is the use of titles.

    Does anyone know the difference between an “assistant account executive” and an “associate account executive”. Unless your the President, I say leave it out.

    Also, forget the cute titles like “chief guy in charge” or “head nerd”.

  2. Hi Josh,

    Just found your blog — very interesting. I am not a design expert but I think that in general your card is easy to read and has lots of energy. I do have one criticism, however: The placement of your name on the card looks a little odd to me. That might be a conscious decision so your name jumps out and doesn’t blend in with the standard contact info. If that is the case, you might consider seeking that same effect a different way.


    Mary Earley
    MME Research

  3. Thanks for reading and participating Mary! Yes, it was a conscious decision on the name placement but one we are actually modifying in our next rev of cards. We had the name lined up with the logo at first and it seemed to fill up too much of one line on the card so we set it off a bit.

    This is very helpful feedback for us as we want the names on the cards to be easy to identify but don’t want to be visually jarring.

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