Michael Deaver: 1938-2007

Michael Deaver’s legacy will forever be tied to his work with Ronald Reagan in both California and Washington DC, but my experience with him was while I was with Edelman. In 2005, I worked with Mr. Deaver on his visit to Sacramento to talk about the Edelman Trust Barometer. We spent the day together visiting local media like KFBK, KXJZ, and the Sacramento Bee. We talked about our families, both of us have long histories in Sacramento, our shared friends (my wife grew up next door to his college room mate) and our love for what we do. That was a special day for me, and one I will remember.

During the interview at KFBK, the producer turned to me and said, “his voice is like a warm blanket, you just want to cuddle up and listen to him tell stories.” I was lucky enough to listen to a lot of his stories and offer my condolences to his family.


One thought on “Michael Deaver: 1938-2007

  1. I had a wonderful time last time he and his wife were out – Carolyn and I snuck away from the hubub for a bit. He was a delightful man (and so dedicated to clean and sober causes) and his wife is incredibly charming. I felt honored to have spent time with him on the few occasions I was able to do so.

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