Lunch in Vegas – Expanding Personal Networks

Today I was in Las Vegas for the monthly TBAN (Technology Business Alliance of Nevada) lunch at Lawry’s.

Why was I there? One, I’ll never pass up an excuse to go to Lawry’s (for background, Lawrence Frank, “Lawry”, was my great-grandfather, Arthur Frank’s brother), but mostly to expand my personal network. The speaker today was Dave LaPlante, CEO of Twelve Horses, and the topic was personal branding online. This was a great chance to meet Dave and catch up with some other folks in Las Vegas like the team from Vanguard Media Group including Shannon Hiller and Mike Ballard (who’s now the CEO of 1Velocity. The presentation was great and basically focused on the way that individuals can ‘own’ their online presence using available tools such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. I’m doing most of these things already but always nice to hear from others.

Great presentation, and I was able to catch up with Dave afterwards while we waited for our respective flights home. Also, thank you to Shawn Harris, CEO of Skywire Media, for the ride to the airport.


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