Marshall Kirkpatrick » Thoughts on product launch promotion

Marshall Kirkpatrick » Thoughts on product launch promotion:

“Writing a pre-launch FAQ is one of the first things I advise any company does before reaching out to bloggers. I believe a good FAQ includes all the basic background information that would be communicated in a solid telephone conversation: company history, funding, executive backgrounds and possible if not already available use cases of the product.”

Click the link above for some great tips from Marshall Kirkpatrick on some things to keep in mind when announcing a product in today’s web centric news world. Marshall knows from what he speaks having written for Techcrunch, where he covered for Morgan/Dorado client IMSafer as well as launching companies like Splashcast.

He touches on a topic that I try and drive into the minds of startups, “plan the marketing into product development.” You would think this is something that everyone would think to do. Nope. You wouldn’t believe how many times I get calls from companies asking if I can help them with their new product. Oh, when did you want to announce it, next week. Yep. It happens. Don’t let it happen to you.

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