loose wire blog: How To Blow It From From

loose wire blog: How To Blow It From From:

“I’m amazed by how many times this happens, and it always seems to be PR folk in the technology industry who are the culprits: An email where the sender, say Geoff Blah, hasn’t filled in the ‘From’ field in his email program or service so it appears in my inbox as from ‘gblah@aol.com’ or, sometimes, just gblah. (Yes, very lame for a PR person to be using their AOL account to send out pitches, but that’s another story.)”

Today seems to be ‘pet peeves about PR people day’ or to the optimists among us (I fall into this camp), “the chance to learn how to do your job more effectively by learning from the pain of others.”

My take is that if you are doing PR on your own you should try and invest in a domain of some kind. If you are completely lacking in any sort of tech savvy, Yahoo (an many other sites) make it very easy. I won’t even touch on the concept of why are you promoting tech firms if you are completely lacking in tech-savvy.

PS – In the interest of full disclosure there was a short window after I left Apple and I was consulting for Skype that I used a personal email address for work. The evidence of this is here. This wasn’t because I couldn’t get a domain it was because I wasn’t sure if I was going to actually make a go of it with my own firm at the time. Kid #2 was on the way and I made the choice to go to work for a big firm for a few years. Now kid #2 is out of diapers and Morgan/Dorado is into year #2.


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