Use your client’s products!

Quote from the newest episode of “Mad Men” on AMC which I’ve written about before here and here.

After several ideas for ‘improvement’ were presented to a client that apparently the client had already implemented the client responded, “makes me wonder if you were so focused on my competitors that you failed to visit my store.”

This is a core issue that I try and drive home to those I work with. USE THE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES OF YOUR CLIENTS! This is the only way you will get to know them and be able to provide effective counsel. I do realize this isn’t always possible but if you can, please do!

One thought on “Use your client’s products!

  1. It’s a lot like pitching to a publication, radio or television station, blog, etc., that you’ve never read or seen. How arrogant, lazy and even worse, just plain stupid.

    I loved that scene. Love the show.

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