Cage Match: Steve Jobs vs. Mark Hurd

On September 5, HP and Apple will have dueling media events. Eric Savitz refers to them here. And here’s a link to Jason O’Grady talking about Apple’s event. My take is that it is actually a pretty good move by HP for attendance at the event in having it on the ‘other coast’ so they don’t compete directly for reporters in seats, but may hurt them in terms of available column inches for coverage.

PS – the comment right above mine regarding the ‘thin mint’ on Eric Savitz’s page, that was me too.


Nothing in email is confidential – someone please send a note to Yahoo!

There’s a great post by Kara Swisher at WSJ/All Things D with the complete email sent out to Yahoo!’s today. the best part is the header of the email, “Update on President Organization — CONFIDENTIAL and PLEASE DO NOT FORWARD.”

And so it goes. If you don’t want something to be posted all over the place, don’t send it out on email (especially if your company is the one that everyone used to use to go around corporate email programs).

Want to read the whole thing, here it is.

Sacramento Angels Announces Lead Investment in Napa-Based Visicon Inspection Technologies

The Sacramento Angels today announced their investment in Visicon Inspection Technologies. Visicon is based in Napa. Would have loved to make this announcement about a Sacramento-based company. Here’s a link to a short article about the investment in the Business Journal.

Know any smart, local, early stage companies? Tell them to go to

Looking to buy a home in El Dorado Hills/Folsom?

Why am I writing about real estate? Why is a new real estate firm a Morgan/Dorado client?

We are working with Wexford. it’s a new real estate firm that is based here in El Dorado Hills. Wexford officially launched today and we’ll be helping them get the word out over the next few months. We’re working with them because they are smart people who have identified a problem and a way to fix it. They want to change the current agency model where agents are profit centers for brokers to one where customers are the focus (and agents are salaried). A side effect of this is that sellers pay much less total commission.

It’s not rocket science, it’s smart business and we’re proud to be working with them

Check out today’s announcement here, and seriously if you are looking to sell a house, check them out.

Great reply from Romney spokesperson to question about "Big Love"

“I suppose it could have been worse,” said Romney’s spokesguy Eric Fehrnstrom. “He could have gotten a mention on ‘John from Cincinnati.’ ”

This is in response to a question about how the candidate felt about being referenced on “Big Love, ” the HBO show about polygamy in Utah.

The response shows that the spokesperson understands the context of the question, and basically makes it a non-issue. If the spokesperson had tried to further distance Romney from the question of polygamy, then there might have been a whole blow-up about the comments.

Well done Eric Fehrnstrom!

Congratulations to Maya’s Mom!

Well to the company and to the people that started it last year. Today it was announced that Maya’s Mom was acquired by BabyCenter.

There’s been quite a bit of kerfuffle, most recently at BlogHer 07, about PR people pitching ‘mommy blogs.’ The folks at Maya’s Mom that I have spoken with in the past have been great, but maybe part of that is because I don’t ‘pitch’ them. I’m part of the community there. If you are on Maya’s Mom check me out, I’m “SuburbanDad.”