Putting PR people on notice

Kimchi Mamas: Putting PR people on notice:

“And I said, ‘Tell me you looked up my stats on Alexa. Tell me you picked me because you *think* I may be influential. Tell me that you know mombloggers get pitched to all the time but that you’d *pretty please* like me to listen to you. Just don’t bullshit me by telling me ‘you read my blog.’ I know you don’t.'”

Should we beg like she asks? I think it’s part of our job. It’s what we do. Advertisers buy space. We beg for it.

2 thoughts on “Putting PR people on notice

  1. sorry to hear you’ve begged. i have never begged – pitched with “heavy influence” yes, but beg, no. that would be crossing into flack territory.

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